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Organic CBD Cultivation

After the democratization of the organic cultivation of cereals, vegetables and fruits, we see the appearance of the organic production of CBD flowers. Green Morango has therefore opted for this style of organic cultivation that respects the natural balance of the environment.

Thus the cultivation of our CBD flowers excludes the use of synthetic chemicals, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), chemical fertilizers, pesticides and so on, which allows you to better appreciate the taste and flavor of the plant.

In addition, it is currently recognized that these natural products have beneficial and favorable effects on our health.

Homemade production

We are achieving our production from start to finish in an artisanal way, from planting, cultivation and harvesting to processing.

Everything is made and assembled by hand with organic and French quality products.
To be able to favor the shortest possible circuit from producer to consumer

Our farmers

Agriculteurs CBD Alix


Alix, with his experience in agriculture for several years, brings all his know-how, his knowledge and his passion for hemp.
It is thanks to him that our plants have been put in the best conditions to develop.

Agriculteurs CBD Stéphanie


Stephanie is responsible for part communication, advertising and stewardship. She is in charge of setting up the operation as well as all the steps that made this project possible.

Agriculteurs CBD Régis


Régis is responsible for the organization, calculations, measurements and implementation of all planting and infrastructure